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It’s no secret that striped paper straws are a big trend right now. All the crafty bloggers use them as props. All the overachieving mothers stick them inside mason jars full of lemonade for their child’s first birthday party. All the pinners disperse them across their utopian pinboards. Stripey straws are Pinteresting.


(P.S. The above photo is a sneak peek of next week’s sweet recipe post!)

For awhile, I felt left out. I didn’t have any stripey straws.

I wanted some. But the only place I found them for sale was online from pricier baking or party supply vendors. Not only were they a little on the expensive side, but they also cost extra for shipping. I just have a thing against shipping that isn’t free. Somehow that happened in college while I was using my six months of free Prime shipping with Amazon Student and it stuck.

I was too much of a cheapskate to pay for overpriced paper products, plus free shipping. So I didn’t. I stayed behind the times. I was not Pinteresting.

And then my favorite store came through!

The one, the only, Target started to carry striped paper straws through its Spritz brand.

Gold star for Target!

I am a Target girl. I love Target. You can get anything there, even things you don’t know you want! I’m also a Minnesota girl, and Target just so happens to be a corporation that hails from my home state. That requires regular visits to the store, if you ask me.

So when I stumbled across the new Spritz straws on Target’s website, I instantly ran to Target to pick some up. (They aren’t available online, only in stores.)

They were out.

So I checked again. And again and again and again for over a month until they finally stocked them in my store! I bought the entire inventory, as you see.

Spritz Disposable Straws from Target

The straws come in packs of 20 for $1.99. Not a bad price, and definitely cheaper than the online boutiques! And yeah, I might have spent too much in gas to get to Target in the first place, but guess what?! No shipping fees!

(Don’t even ask about my refusal to pay more than 99 cents for a song on iTunes, even though $1.29’s been the standard for a good five years now…)

There are two different striped color schemes to choose from. One package includes a peach color, a Barbie pink, purple, teal, and navy blue. The other comes with red, lime green, aqua, teal and navy blue. Lots of fun choices!

Here’s a look at the peach variety:

Spritz Disposable Straws from Target

And here’s the package that includes lime green:

Spritz Disposable Straws from Target

I love both! This won’t be the last time you see these pretty shades around here…I fully intend to use them in a few yummy recipes in the near future. Milkshakes, anyone?!

If you’re a cheapskate like me looking to keep up with all the crafty, Pinteresting overachievers, visit your local Target for a cheaper stripey straw alternative.

(Just maybe don’t visit my store, since–sorry–I already bought them all…)


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I love Target and I get excited about its products, especially when they’re both cheap and trendy.

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