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My second day onboard the Disney Fantasy was just as magical as the first.

I slept in, which was easy thanks to the lulling rhythm of the ship, and headed back to Cabanas, the buffet-style eatery, for a late breakfast. I was so relaxed that I forgot to take my camera with me (a true sign that I was on vacation, because my camera is at my side so often it’s practically a body part and I never forget it!), but it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Yep, I’ll say it again. It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had.

I’m sorry I don’t have photographic proof to show you, but I had some incredible Bircher Muesli with toasted coconut (which I tried to recreate last week!), smoked salmon, smoked trout, and smoked mackerel. I would have tried some of the fresh fruit they had available, but I was stuffed. My whole meal was relatively healthy, and it was delicious! And let me tell you, all of the smoked fish was a far cry from what I can get here in Minnesota. Five stars!

The rest of the day was leisurely and slow–exactly what I was hoping for. It was partly cloudy but warm, so my cousin and I claimed some chaise lounges on deck to soak in all the Vitamin D we could. While we relaxed on deck, the cruise line was playing one animated Disney film after another on the jumbo screen by the pool. It was a pretty cool experience to watch The Emperor’s New Groove and Enchanted poolside in the Caribbean!

Poolside movies on the Disney Fantasy!

I, again, left my camera behind for most of the day, but I grabbed an iPod picture of the poolside movie experience.

Lunch from Cabanas on the Disney Fantasy: sushi, brie, chickpea curry, and pineapple-mango cilantro salad

The photo of my late buffet lunch–again from Cabanas–is also courtesy of my iPod. I still wasn’t very hungry after the filling morning spread, but I sampled a few pieces of sushi, sliced brie, a chickpea curry dish, and a cilantro pineapple-mango salad. None of it was too memorable, but nonetheless, I can’t complain about the food on the ship!

Day Two’s theater show was a comedic performance of Aladdin, complete with pop culture references, songs from the movie, and improv. The entire audience seemed to agree that it was a great show!

For dinner, we visited the next restaurant in our rotation, Enchanted Garden. Atmosphere-wise, I think this was my favorite place we dined on the cruise. It was very whimsical and charming, almost reminding me of The Sound of Music or something similarly old-fashioned. I felt like I should be wearing a twirly dress and a classy wide-brimmed hat.

Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

It was formal night, but I settled for a pink sheath and some tall heels. I was fresh out of Maria Von Trapp outfits.

Formal night at Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

I’m a girly girl, and I really enjoyed formal night. I don’t get the opportunity to dress up often, so I thought it was really special! If you’re worried about having room in your suitcase for a cocktail dress, you don’t need to be concerned. The dress code isn’t too rigid, even on formal night. Unless you’re dining at one of the adults-only restaurants for an extra fee, you can really wear just about anything that’s not swimwear to the dining rooms, no matter what the night’s theme. I spotted outfits ranging from capris and wedge sandals to a floor-length ballgown–which I was surprised to see. Only one person dressed that elegantly, but most women were wearing simple sundresses dressed up with accessories, and most men were in khakis and button-downs.

We were seated in a round booth that reminded me of the teacups at Magic Kingdom. The booths were sitting on little platforms, so we had a nice view of the whole place, which was a sight to see! The entire restaurant transitions with the time of day as the evening goes on, so it starts off lighter, and then the skies darken to imitate a sunset.

Circular booth in Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

Our meal that evening started off with multigrain and currant rolls with chickpea garlic puree. I selected the ahi tuna and avocado tower with crispy noodles and wasabi dressing for my appetizer, and this was probably my least favorite choice of the trip. Other than the wasabi, there wasn’t much flavor to speak of, here, but it did look lovely in presentation!

Ahi Tuna and Avocado Tower with Crispy Noodles and Wasabi Dressing from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

My mom ordered a mushroom an applewood-smoked bacon tart that was just as pretty.

Applewood Smoked Bacon and Wild Mushroom Tart from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

Next, I had a spinach and raspberry salad with gorgonzola. More cheese would have been great, but I really enjoyed the flavors of this dish.

Spinach and Raspberry Salad from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy: tender spinach tossed with fresh raspberries, toasted pine nuts, and crumbled Gorgonzola and a raspberry vinaigrette

I chose the caramelized sea scallops with roasted asparagus, sundried tomato couscous, caramelized leeks and veal jus for my entrée. The scallops were cooked perfectly and arrived exactly as described, beautifully plated as always.

Caramelized Sea Scallops With Roasted Asparagus, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and Pearl Couscous, garnished with Caramelized Leeks and Veal Jus Reduction from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

My cousin opted for the prime rib, which received high ratings from her!

Slow Roasted Prime Rib with Thyme-Roasted Vegetables, Double-baked Potato, Horseradish, and Natural Jus from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

For dessert, I went for the apple cinnamon crunch sundae. It arrived in a tall glass, filled with vanilla ice cream, shortbread, cinnamon apples, and whipped cream, complete with a chocolate Mickey. This dessert hit the spot!

Apple Cinnamon Crunch Sundae from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy: cinnamon apples, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and shortbread

But I can never have too many desserts, so I also swiped a bite of my mom’s chocolate torte. It was forgettable in taste but lovely in appearance!

Sacher Torte from Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy

Two desserts to end Day Two. Seems fitting. :) Come back next week for the third installment of my foodie journey–er, cruise–through the Caribbean!

Fountain at Enchanted Garden on the Disney Fantasy


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. I’m voluntarily writing it because I loved my trip on the Disney Fantasy and I want to share it for any of you that are interested!

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