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Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

No matter your relationship status, I hope you have a wonderful day and get to spend it with the ones you love!

Speaking of love, for the past two weeks I’ve been sharing some things I love from my recent Disney cruise. Day Three was no exception!

I could have easily slept the morning away again, rocked back and forth by the gentle waves, but I forced myself to get up at the crack of dawn this particular morning, because I had a sunrise to catch! I figured I needed to see it at least once on the trip.

Apparently nobody else did, though, because the ship was completely silent. Not a single guest interrupted our sunrise view on Satellite Falls that morning!

Satellite Falls on the Disney Fantasy

Satellite Falls is one of the adults-only areas on the ship, a quiet deck lined with sleek chaise lounges, private pools, and a secluded coffee shop.

Because of the wind, we weren’t able to watch the sunrise from the furthest point of the ship, but we still got a pretty view from behind the glass shields. Worth getting up for, for sure!

Sunrise from Satellite Falls on the Disney Fantasy

Especially because my early wake-up call meant I had time for a sit-down breakfast at Royal Court. The buffet food was great, but I was excited to try a more formal breakfast, and I was not disappointed!

Royal Court was the third dinner restaurant in our rotation, so I’d be returning again that night, but this was my first experience with the regal restaurant. Along with Cabanas (the buffet-style location), Royal Court is open each morning at breakfast time for those who want a sit-down meal. Enchanted Garden is also open in the mornings, and it serves breakfast buffet-style with table service. Disney does a great job of offering a range of choices for every type of guest.

Royal Court won the award for my favorite breakfast stop. Cliché or not, I truly felt like a princess! It was hard not to feel like royalty when attentive servers placed steaming made-to-order plates in front of me, constantly checking to see if I needed anything and making sure everything was up to my standards. One of them even stopped by to draw a caricature of me while I waited for my food to arrive. Neither took much time!

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

In an effort to be semi-healthy, I ordered a fruit plate for breakfast, and instantly two different servers questioned whether I’d like anything to go with it. They wouldn’t have batted an eye if I’d asked for a three-egg omelet on the side and a dozen Krispy Kremes!

(Those were included, by the way. At least once during every breakfast, a server made the rounds with a tray full of pastries–chocolate croissants, muffins, Danishes, and, yes, the glazed mounds of perfection known as Krispy Kremes.)

I stuck with the fruit plate for the time being, but when the meals were served and I saw what everyone else’s food looked like, I began to doubt my choice. Before I could even consider asking for an additional meal, my server was at my side, winking. “Are you sure I can’t get you anything else?” He gave me a knowing smile.

“Well, maybe…” I shrugged my shoulders, conceding.

He jumped to attention and told me he’d be back in just a few minutes. I was already mentally reviewing the menu, trying to decide between the French toast or waffles…

When a hot plate of Eggs Benedict appeared right in front of me.

Traditional Eggs Benedict from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

Ha! Disney servers are beyond incredible. I’ve never experienced such outstanding service in my life!

My server assured me that the Eggs Benedict was the best thing on the menu…and he was right. I left Royal Palace that morning with two empty plates and one full stomach. So much for trying to eat healthy! No regrets; it was worth every calorie! :)

Following my delicious breakfast, I relaxed in my stateroom for most of the day. We were experiencing some pretty forceful waves, and although I thankfully felt fine, my mom and cousin were seasick–my mom to the point where she had to lie in bed all day in order to still the nausea.

Since I didn’t feel like exploring the ship by myself, I seized the opportunity to check out the On Demand offerings on the TV in our stateroom. Thank goodness I did! It was loaded with every Disney movie ever made and then some! From animated classics like Cinderella and The Aristocats, to live-action Disney films like Swiss Family Robinson, to Disney Channel Original Movies, to new releases like Brave, everything was there. It was a Disney lover’s dream! Even for non-Disney-obsessed cruisers, there was a handful of current hits, such as The Great Gatsby, available to watch On Demand. I had no trouble finding something to watch that day. On the contrary, I was hoping for a few more weeks at sea to get through more of the lesser-known movies I hadn’t seen! If you ever go on a Disney cruise, remember: the Disney movie motherlode is on the stateroom TV. I was thoroughly impressed.

I had a quick lunch at Cabanas between double features, and it was decent but nothing too exciting after my eventful breakfast. I was told that Royal Court is usually open for lunch, too, but whenever I checked into it, it was closed. I’m not sure why it wasn’t serving over the noon hour during my cruise, but supposedly it’s usually open for all three meals! The turkey, blue cheese, and pineapple and orange cilantro salad from Cabanas were fine, though, and the single serving of tiramisu was also better than I expected, despite an instant-pudding-like appearance.

Cilantro orange pineapple salad, turkey, blue cheese, and tiramisu from Cabanas on the Disney Fantasy

On Monday, the ship actually offered additional showings of the daily theater performance, so I went early to the afternoon show. Today’s performance was called “Wishes,” and it was my favorite one of the whole week. The songs, costumes, set, and storyline were all incredible! It seemed a little cheesy from the beginning, following a group of students who were about to graduate high school, but the show weaved a good selection of Disney songs into the storyline, both well-known favorites and more obscure numbers. Each one fit perfectly with the script and the overall performance was wonderful. If you go to any of the performances, this is the one I’d urge you not to miss!

Since I still had plenty of time until dinner, my cousin and I took advantage of the free movie theater onboard next. On every cruise, Disney shows a handful of its recently-released movies, with a variety of showtimes every day. When a new Disney movie comes out during a cruise, they even have “Prem-EARS at Sea!” We didn’t have any premiers to attend, but we chose to see Wreck-It-Ralph in 3D, and it was a fun experience that you can’t get anywhere else. The movies alone on the cruise were worth the price!

Dinner that night was at Royal Court, and I really loved this restaurant, too, no matter the meal. Our friendly servers, Oppie and Nelson, brought out brioche with olive tapenade right away, and we received our appetizers shortly thereafter. The bread was served in a wire replica of Cinderella’s carriage, and everything about the meal was elegant, from the moment we sat down to fancily folded napkins until the last bite.

Cinderella carriage bread basket at Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

I took a risk and ordered the Escargots Gratinés for my appetizer. I’d never had it before, but I loved it!

Escargots Gratinés from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

Next, I sampled a pear salad, and this one was pretty tasty. I had expected more to it, but it was the perfect amount to taste before the main course.

Pear Salad from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

My mom tried Belle’s French Onion Soup, which was amazing. Look at all that melty gruyere!

Belle's French Onion Soup with Gruyere Cheese Crouton from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

The Oven-Baked Salmon Royale made a fine entrée that evening. It had a crispy crust and came with a smooth cauliflower purée and a beurre blanc sauce.

Oven-Baked Salmon Royale with a horseradish crust, sauteed swiss chard, truffle-infused cauliflower puree and beurre blanc from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

My tablemates all thought the Aged Angus Grilled Beef Tenderloin was also a great choice.

Aged Angus Grilled Beef Tenderloin from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

When it comes to dessert, I can never pick just one, so I went for the Sweet Temptations again. It was an option every night, including three of the dessert selections in smaller portions. Tonight it included peanut butter chocolate mousse, Tahitian vanilla creme brulée, and mango cheesecake.

Sweet Sensations from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy: chocolate peanut butter mousse, Tahitian vanilla creme brulee, and mango cheesecake

Here’s a closer look at the full-sized version of the creme brulée:

Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

Once again, I had a wonderful day on the Disney Fantasy, and this was one of my favorite days onboard.

Come back next Friday for another installment! “Sea ya real soon!” :)


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. I had an amazing day and entire experience on the Disney Fantasy and I just wanted to share it!

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February 14, 2014

Its strange because I work at sea I have never thought of taking a cruise when I am on leave, especially now considering I have just spent 2 weeks in a force 10! Not pleasant :( but I have to admit reading about your adventures does seem like fun and full of Disney magic. The food sure does look amazing I guess if I wasn’t working and there wasn’t a force 10 chopping the sea up I guess I could have fun too :D

February 15, 2014

Wow, that sounds intense!! I can understand why you wouldn’t want to go on a cruise when you’re on leave. Thankfully, the seas were pretty calm on my trip, especially compared to that! If you ever do decide to go on one, Disney is incredible!

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