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As promised, I’m back with the next installment of my Disney Fantasy series!

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The sixth day of my seven-day cruise was a bit more relaxed after all the all-day dolphin excursion the previous day. Since we were at sea, beginning our journey back to Cape Canaveral and reality, there was more time to explore the ship without any onshore activity options.

I slept in just late enough to still catch the sit-down breakfast in Royal Court. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea! I found that the earlier I dined there, the faster the service was, but as the morning wore on, it was harder to get in and be served quickly. Royal Court is a must for breakfast at least once on the cruise, so if you want to make sure you’re seated, arrive before the last half-hour of service!

Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

Royal Court was overwhelmingly my favorite breakfast option, and I’d eat there every day next time.

I’m definitely hoping there will be a “next time.” :)

Mornin' Tugboat at Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy: yogurt blended with granola, strawberries, bananas and cream!

I began the meal with a Mornin’ Tugboat, another chilled yogurt blend with fruit and granola mixed in. This beverage and its friend, the Mango Mountain Hike, were some of my favorite items consumed on the ship. They were so unique and refreshing–and somewhat healthy considering the list of ingredients. The Mornin’ Tugboat was flavored with fresh bananas and strawberries, and it made for a perfect start to my morning.

To finish things off, I had the French Toast and Pineapple Stack, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: slices of French toast layered with grilled pineapple, drizzled with strawberry and maple glazes and served with a chopped fruit variety. It was good, although it was no Waffle Sandwich.

French Toast and Pineapple Stack from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

My cousin Emily shook things up and asked our waiter if she could order off the kids’ menu. She was so intrigued by the PB & J pancakes that she just had to ask, and he obliged without hesitation.

PB&J Pancakes from the kids' menu at Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

I was intrigued, too, and next time I definitely want to try these–kids’ menu or not! Those swirls are perfect.

Every day on the ship, there were set character greeting times, just like at any Disney park on land. The Beauty and the Beast-loving kid inside of me secretly kind of wanted to get my pictures with the princesses. Or Mickey. Or Prince Charming.

Okay, or pretty much anyone.

So I did. :)

Cinderella onboard the Disney Fantasy

I resisted the urge for the first few days, but finally I figured I wouldn’t be the first or the last 20-something to wait in line for a photo, so my cousin and I hopped in line with all the five-year-olds fresh out of the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique and met Cinderella. What can I say? Disney brings out the kid in everyone! Next time I’ll have to really live on the edge and bring my Official Autograph Book. ;)

The truth is, the lines are pretty long for the characters no matter what. Although Disney Cruise Line offers plenty of opportunities to meet the different characters each day, lots of little ones make repeat trips to revisit their favorite characters, and most of the kids were toting individual Official Autograph Books, Official Autograph Pens, and Official Disney Stuff that soaked up a lot of time per kid and significantly lengthened the wait time. It’s totally worth it for that treasured family vacation photo, but I wouldn’t wait in line like that again unless I was traveling with first-time Disney visitors. I don’t think Disney could possibly organize any of the character greetings better, but even so, be aware that there will be a wait!

Sofia the First on the Disney Fantasy

All the littlest princesses were squealing over one of Disney’s newest characters, Sofia the First, who was available for photo ops several different times throughout the trip.

And this little princess spent some time admiring the huge Christmas tree in the atrium. The lights twinkled like magic, in true Disney form.

Disney Fantasy atrium decorated for Christmas

After hanging out with Cinderella for a while, I went to check out the Cove Cafe on the adults-only area.

Cove Cafe on the Disney Fantasy

I casually walked in under the guise of ordering coffee, but I really had a hidden agenda:


Free pastries from the Cove Cafe on the Disney Fantasy

I had heard that although the coffee drinks cost extra (They were not included in the cost of the cruise), the pastry case was fully stocked with free treats for all in the 18-and-over crowd.

I had heard correctly.

A server directed me to a comfy chair in the window and took my coffee order, then asked what kind of dessert I would like to try. I hesitated just long enough for him to bring me a whole plate. Just call it Disney magic!

Cove Cafe on the Disney Fantasy

Here’s the menu of beverages.

Menu from the Cove Cafe on the Disney Fantasy

I ordered the Espresso Ice Cream Cooler, which was described as one-third espresso and two-thirds ice cream. It was a decent blended coffee, but after hanging around the Cove Cafe for long enough, I wished I had ordered one of the frappes instead–they had the added bonus of chocolate or caramel syrup swirled in!

Espresso Ice Cream Cooler and complimentary pastries from the Cove Cafe on the Disney Fantasy

None of the complimentary pastries were labeled, but all of them were cute and dainty. I give them five stars just for the word “complimentary.” :)

I went to the early showing of “Believe,” the entertainment for the day. Though “Wishes” was my favorite performance of the week, this one, too, appealed to the inner Disney devotee in me. Though the storyline wasn’t the best, the costumes were top-notch and the dancing was phenomenal. It made me want to join in, then go home and buy every Disney movie and song I didn’t already have.

The Walt Disney Theatre decorated for Christmas on the Disney Fantasy

I’d been waiting all week for an opportunity to catch another movie in the Walt Disney Theatre, and the day at sea finally gave me the chance. 3D glasses in place, I enjoyed the movie Planes–a cute, uplifting tale with well-known voices and motivational takeaways.

Day Six was Semi-Formal Night for dinner. Again, there was a lot of variety in what people wore to their dinner reservations, but I had fun dressing up, and this night was extra-special since we were able to dine at Royal Court–the fanciest of the three dining locations.

My mom and I were probably on the dressier side of the spectrum, but some ladies were in more formal ensembles, and all the waiters wore suits with vests and bow ties!

Semi-formal night on the Disney Fantasy

Right away, Oppie and Nelson delivered sourdough rolls with roasted red pepper dip, and our appetizers were soon to follow.

Sourdough rolls with roasted red pepper dip from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

I went for the more unique choice of Asian pear, sweet corn and jicama slaw.

The slaw came with an avocado puree, a lime vinaigrette, and a fresh mint garnish, but despite all those flavors going on, I was disappointed. There wasn’t much taste to this dish, and I found myself wishing I’d chosen something else.

Asian Pear, Sweet Corn and Jicama Slaw with Avocado Puree and Lime Vinaigrette from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

The Aged Prosciutto looked good, so that might have been a better option!

Prosciutto appetizer from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

The Californian mixed salad with oranges and toasted pine nuts wasn’t my favorite, either, especially compared to the delicious food the night before.

California Mixed Salad Leaves with Toasted Pine Nuts and Orange Segments from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

No worries, though, because the remainder of the meal made up for what it was lacking in appetizers!

I was torn between the Lobster Feast or the Ginger-Teriyaki Crusted Yellow Tuna Fin for my main course. Both sounded so good and both came highly recommended by the staff. I went back and forth until my amazing waiter offered to bring me one of each!

Ginger-Teriyaki Crusted Yellowfin Tuna with Bok Choy, Soybeans, and Ginger-Sesame Scented Rice Noodles, PLUS a side of lobster at Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy!

Oppie brought out a full tuna entree with a side of lobster, and it was amazing. I could not have asked for better service! The sides that came with the tuna (Bok Choy, soybeans and rice noodles) were pretty bland (and by pretty, I mean extremely), but the tuna itself was AWESOME. Best meat I ate onboard the ship, without a doubt! It was thick and flaky and heavily seasoned to perfection. I absolutely loved it!

The lobster was good, too, but since it was served to me as a side, I didn’t get any butter sauce or accompaniments, so I think it would have tasted even better as a meal. Next time, I won’t hesitate to order the tuna alone, though–it was that good!

My tablemates–not fish eaters–really liked the Chicken Parmesan, too.

Chicken Parmesan from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

Dessert was equally impressive! This banana crème brûlée had my name written all over it.

Banana Creme Brulee from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

Literally, since I’ve been affectionately nicknamed “Banana” since birth.

It did not disappoint! Creamy, crispy, and caramelized in each little spoonful. One of the best desserts of the week and so decadent!

It got even better, though…

Chocolate Lava Cake with two sauces and vanilla bean ice cream from Royal Court on the Disney Fantasy

My servers were really getting to know the real me–and my sweet tooth. They surprised me with a bonus dessert! This one was a chocolate lava cake with two sauces and vanilla bean ice cream that flowed down the sides to form a pool of deliciousness.

I gladly accepted the surprise dessert and it was almost as good as the crème brûlée. Two thumbs up for Oppie and Nelson! In just a few days, they had already learned that dessert was the way to my heart.

As usual, we ended the day on a sweet note–an extra-sweet one this time–and I went to sleep full and happy after a fun semi-formal dinner onboard.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way. I loved taking a cruise on the Disney Fantasy so much that I was compelled to share my experience, and these honest opinions are all my own. All of them are factual–double desserts and all!

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