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A few months ago, I had the chance to travel to the San Diego area with my dad, who was there on business. Of course, in true Brianna fashion, I had already scoped out all the cupcakeries within a 50-mile radius before even booking airline tickets.


California has plenty of bakeries to choose from and is known for its many trendy and innovative sweets vendors across the state, but I was limited solely to the San Diego area on this short trip. On one particular afternoon, I drove up to La Jolla and happened upon a cute little store called Cups.

Cups in La Jolla, CA

Only I would be surrounded by incredible shopping and a gorgeous ocean view, yet continue in search of cupcakes.

Again, priorities.

At first, when I stepped inside, I didn’t find anything too memorable. I am in constant search of unique and original flavors, always looking for something beyond the typical chocolate and vanilla, but that was about all I saw in the display that afternoon.

(And yes, I realize my blog probably indicates otherwise since I keep swooning over my Vanilla Bean Cupcakes, but I actually do prefer my cupcakes to be crazy and unusual, believe it or not! That’s why I’m so sold on those particular cupcakes, I guess–they’re not your typical boring, blah vanilla cupcakes. :))

Cups in La Jolla, CA

But then! My eyes instantly locked on one of the daily specials, and to date, it’s probably the most original cupcake I’ve ever seen: a bread pudding cupcake!

I know; you’re probably thinking the same thing I was. What? How do you make a cupcake out of bread pudding?

I still have no idea how that’s done, but somehow Cups figured it out and created one of the most original cupcake flavors I’ve ever seen.

I’ve seen (and tasted) many a cupcake in my day, so that says something.

When I ordered the bread pudding cupcake, Cups even did me one better: they asked which flavor I wanted. Not only do they have a bread pudding cupcake, apparently they also have multiple flavors of bread pudding cupcakes. As if I wasn’t impressed already!

I chose a full-sized white chocolate raspberry-flavored bread pudding cupcake (Quite the mouthful there, huh?), and I also added a mini “Brulee-J” cupcake–the other most unusual flavor I could find. Basically I bought every unique flavor in sight.

White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding Cupcake from Cups in La Jolla, CA

The bread pudding cupcake was a dense, gooey chocolate confection with a few swirls of raspberry filling, globs of white chocolate, and a dollop of whipped cream served separately on the side. It wasn’t like any cupcake I’ve ever had, and I’m not even sure how to classify it, but it definitely takes home the prize for most unique!

The creme brulee cupcake was a cute little thing–a vanilla cupcake with a custard filling and a torched exterior like its namesake. It was served with a raspberry for garnish and was very intriguing. Someday I’d like to try and recreate this at home!

Cupcakes from Cups in La Jolla, CA

Both cupcakes were snugly situated in plastic containers with all the necessary disposable silverware. My treats were perfectly packaged for a quick walk down to the water, where I enjoyed them in the sunshine with a lovely view!

White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding Cupcake from Cups in La Jolla, CA

All in all, Cups turned out to be a great place to find an original cupcake. I’m glad I stopped by! If you find yourself shopping the streets of La Jolla in the near future, duck into Cups Lounge and see what kind of interesting flavors you can find! I’d love to hear about your own cool finds if you come across other fun flavors!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for these thoughts. Stuffing my face at cupcakeries across the United States is actually pretty run-of-the-mill for me and unlike ordinary people, I go out of my way to find them! :)

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