Milk Chocolate Peanut Butterscotch Cookies

October 31, 2016 / 2 Comments


Did I scare you? :)

It’s been a long year of doctor visits, fatigue, and unanswered health concerns, but I’m feeling a million times better after God healed me in an amazing way a few weeks ago!

After spending a week at Mayo Clinic, seeing various local and far-away specialists, quitting the full-time job that I was no longer able to handle, and trying every conceivable remedy to cure my overwhelming exhaustion, I quite simply felt like my body was slowly wasting away.

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Peanut Butter Egg Cookie Pie

April 6, 2015 / 1 Comment

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Happy Belated Easter!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day with family, friends, and maybe a few chocolate eggs.

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Peanut Blossoms

December 8, 2014 / 3 Comments

Happy Monday!

My weekend was spent baking Christmas cookies in bulk, the scents of peppermint, eggnog, and gingerbread permeating the kitchen.

Early in the season, I usually bake up as many varieties as possible and pop them into the freezer so they can be eaten throughout the month. By the time Christmas rolls around, I’m usually out of freezer space because…what can I say?

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Trail Mix Cookies

September 8, 2014 / 2 Comments

Tuesday was back-to-school in most Minnesota schools. It brings back memories of early morning bus rides, mediocre crayon artwork, and mushy cafeteria meals.

Hey, I never said good memories! :) I had a few cool Lisa Frank folders and a couple special teachers along the way, but for the most part, my favorite part of school was the second it ended.

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