To continue the tradition of serving Scandinavian food like I did in my last post, I introduce to you today probably the strangest recipe I’ve ever made.

Before attempting this questionable recipe myself, I had tasted gravlax a few times in the past, my taste buds wondering why it wasn’t simply labeled “salmon” because that’s sure what it tasted like.

And then I did some research. Gravlax is actually cured salmon – as in, meat that’s salted and left to rest until it’s safe to eat like regular cooked meat. Pioneer-style, if you will.

When you think about it, what other options did the early settlers have? At least in my corner of the world, the winters were (are) harsh and there was no guarantee of finding and hunting fresh meat each day. In order to ensure three protein-filled square meals a day, pioneers (and others, of course – this recipe is Scandinavian, after all) would cure their meat so they could preserve it and have it handy when there was no fresh meat to be had.

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December 23, 2016 / 1 Comment

I’ve probably mentioned that I’m Scandinavian. I’m not a full-blooded Swede or Norwegian like most of my grandparents, but I’m two-thirds Norwegian alone, with a dash of Swedish blood thrown in there for good measure. I’m the stereotypical Minnesotan girl of a century ago, only in the year 2016 and with treasured modern conveniences like heated seats and convection ovens.

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Milk Chocolate Peanut Butterscotch Cookies

October 31, 2016 / 2 Comments


Did I scare you? :)

It’s been a long year of doctor visits, fatigue, and unanswered health concerns, but I’m feeling a million times better after God healed me in an amazing way a few weeks ago!

After spending a week at Mayo Clinic, seeing various local and far-away specialists, quitting the full-time job that I was no longer able to handle, and trying every conceivable remedy to cure my overwhelming exhaustion, I quite simply felt like my body was slowly wasting away.

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