Merry Christmas season to you!

I’m moderately obsessed with all things Christmas – the lights, the sparkly decorations, Jesus himself, and – oh, yes – I’m that person who starts listening to Christmas music November 1st. (Don’t hate! I use headphones for those of you anti-Christmas-before-December-ers, even if we don’t share the same core values in life! ;))

And of course I’m more than moderately obsessed with Christmas COOKIES. I could eat them year-round.

Well, sometimes I do.

Sometimes by choice; sometimes because I went a little overboard in December and still have a freezer full of peanut blossoms in February. It happens.

One of my favorite Christmas “cookies” – I hesitate to call them that because they aren’t technically baked, but they still make the Christmas goodie roundup – are Peanut Butter Coconut Snowballs.

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