Am I getting annoying by posting a new cupcake recipe for every flavor Oreo has ever released?

Can you tell cookies and cream is my flavor of choice? :)

I just cannot resist. New Oreo flavors are my kryptonite. And not-so-shockingly, I tend to like them all!

These pretty little treats are all for fall. Golden Oreo cookies with swirled caramel and green apple cream filling…stuffed into a cupcake.

I added some extra caramel to the batter and topped the cakes off with sweet salted caramel frosting (and more Oreos). Easy as pie but a fun twist on the regular Oreo flavor!

The verdict on these has been a little mixed. My traditional meat-and-potatoes, don’t-rock-the-gravy-boat friends looked a little wary when I announced the flavor but most didn’t have any problem finishing every bite. My guy friends were in unison about not loving the Oreo itself, but again, I didn’t find any leftovers in the garbage!

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