Summer is winding down, and all I want to do is sit outside and eat ice cream while I still can. Living in Minnesota, I live for these sunny warm, days, and I’m not ready to transition over to winter coats and hot coffee just yet. (I never am!) I will bid a tearful goodbye to my shorts, 70-degree weather, and frozen treats in a few weeks when the temps start really cooling down.

For now, I’m eating my ice cream by the pint and savoring each bite as long as the sun shines. :)

This recipe is the simplest-ever summer dessert to make, with only four ingredients that are all very common. I first started making this recipe as a teenager when one of the ladies I babysat for introduced me to it. She was (and is) a great cook and her kitchen was always stocked with the best snacks and homemade treats.

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February 20, 2017 / 3 Comments

To continue the tradition of serving Scandinavian food like I did in my last post, I introduce to you today probably the strangest recipe I’ve ever made.

Before attempting this questionable recipe myself, I had tasted gravlax a few times in the past, my taste buds wondering why it wasn’t simply labeled “salmon” because that’s sure what it tasted like.

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