Happy 2018 and happy healthy eating season! Ha.

I am not doing Whole 30 or Paleo or keto or eliminating sugar, so my sympathies to you who are. I’ve gone sugar-free before and it’s not easy! But you’ve got this!

This recipe is not sugar-free (or any of those other things), but one of my go-to staples when I’m looking for something healthier is oatmeal, and there are definitely oats right here.

I love granola, but the store-bought stuff is so expensive and full of sugar to the point that it’s not really healthy at all. I don’t make my own nearly enough, but it’s so easy!

You can add or subtract ingredients to make this recipe healthier or fit your tastes better. I’m Nutella-obsessed (clearly, since this is my second Nutella recipe in a row) and I think bananas go with Nutella like peanut butter goes with jelly, so I used a whole banana and also tossed a few banana chips on top, too.

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Nutella Coconut Snowballs

December 11, 2017 / 3 Comments

Merry Christmas season to you!

I’m moderately obsessed with all things Christmas – the lights, the sparkly decorations, Jesus himself, and – oh, yes – I’m that person who starts listening to Christmas music November 1st. (Don’t hate! I use headphones for those of you anti-Christmas-before-December-ers, even if we don’t share the same core values in life!

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