Are you a scone fan? At one time, I didn’t think I was. Every scone I’d tried was dry, tasteless, and totally not worth the calories. Many of them tasted more like two-day-old croissants than the fancy tea-time snack they were purported to be. Even the ones covered in icing seemed to disappoint.

But then my cousin introduced me to these: her famous white chocolate raspberry scones. Because I adore the white chocolate + raspberry flavor combo (especially at The Cheesecake Factory!), I had to give these a try.

I was surprised when I first saw them. They didn’t look dry at all! In fact, they almost looked…wet. I have never seen scones like these before or since. They are the moistest scones ever! They’re loaded with frozen raspberries, plus they contain milk, eggs, and yogurt, so they do not get even a little dry.

These scones are also underbaked slightly.

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Special K Scotcheroo Truffles

December 17, 2018 / 0 Comments

December 17th already?!

I am in disbelief. Even though we’ve already had snow come and go and I celebrated Christmas early with my family, it still feels like Thanksgiving was just the other day.

Believe it or not, I have hardly done any Christmas baking this year. This is hiiiighly unusual for me, but I just don’t have as many reasons to bake this year and I know if I overdo it, I’ll be the one who eats it all and suffers the consequences.

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Apple Snicker Bar Salad

October 22, 2018 / 0 Comments

Anyone else grow up eating this classic?

This is picnic and potluck food at its finest. It’s not high-class cuisine by any means and you won’t find it served at any formal event. But it’s easy, it feeds a crowd, it calls for chopped candy bars and it’s still considered a “salad.” This is an all-around win.

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